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I have been struggling with anorexia since I was 12. Im 14 now and Its just been getting worse. Im at 86 lbs and im 5 foot 6. I have no desire to eat anything, food is just totally unappitzing to me... I need to get help but at the same time I dont want to.
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At least start to drink valle protein with BCAA , vanilla taste is so yummy mix it with milk.<br />
If you drink 4-5 times a day , it will really help you at the beginning. <br />
There is a little secret to it , if your add very small spoon of sesame oil to the shake , it will work miracle over some time.

i was my lowest weight of 55 lbs :/ i had 2 heart attacks and was ammited i was about to drop dead. Please dont let that happen to u and gain weight

my mom say i look very thin and need to gain weight but they dont know i dont eat. and yes, i can walk

wow thats really skinny for your height,are you able to walk?

please start eating or amit u rself to get help i left it to late nearly died from starving my self gd luck<3