Its All About The Pants Size

Everyweher i look i see those girls with the stick thin legs. The legs iv've been fighting myself to get. every one of my freinds has perfect stick legs, perfect flat stomach, and they complain about being fat, so what the hell does that make me!? My best freind madi wears 000 American eagle jeans. And i wear 0, is it even worth trying anymore? I want to be so thin..and now it feels like everybody else is, exept me. I cry when i stare at my curves taht i wish i could destroy. I cry looking at the stomach i have, its almost flat! it just wont be what i want no matter how much i dont eat. I just drink energy drinks, 0 calorie ones ofcourse. And eat carrots and celeray....When i sit down or try to strech my ribs hurt so bad i almost pass out and fall back to the ground. I Hate myself. Why can i be thin like every other beutiful girl.
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2 Responses Jun 20, 2011

You are beautiful. 000 is disgusting don't try to be like everyone else, be who you really are, you weren't meant to be a size 000 you were meant to be what you're meant to be so don't try to change it! <br />
I am a size 11, How do you think I feel? Uhm FAT. but thats just cause my butt can't fit in smaller sizes and I have bigger legs than most people because im athletic. So I live with it, and you should too.<br />
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You look beautiful just how you are now. Don't let those other girls discourage you