Feel Like Giving Up

I keep thinking to myself, why do I even bother getting better? I'm always going to hate myself. I won't achieve anything in life so why bother. I don't care anymore. 
BuffyFan1993 BuffyFan1993
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 8, 2011

go on there pro then press add :)

thanx kity just to let u kno im new to this and i was just wonderin how do u add people

Thank you jonni :) x and I'm here for you too Kity xxxxx

i feel the same right now bub :/ im here if u need me

i know how this might sound but i honestly understand, and as a matter of fact i thought the same thing not too long ago. i decided to OD. but i can promise you that after that day things got so much better in every way shape and form. trust me when i say giving up is the last thing you want to do. truth be told ive actually been really annoyed lately, but i realise that eventually something greats gonna happen. just to let you know im a christian, and so because of that, i believe that things will turn out ok. I'm not forcing you to become a christian or anything, but what i will say is that you'd be surprised at what could happen as long as you truly believe that things will turn out ok<br />
<br />
hope to hear from you soon