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My Story I Guess...

i am 14 years old. my family always tells me that i am beautiful and that i have a great face. that is it. a great face. they fail to mention that i weigh 125 and i am 5'4''. that is unhealthy. not to mention that all of my sisters are skinny as rails. my youngest sister is 13 and she complains about how much she weighs. she weighs a grand total of...103 Ibs. only 103. she says " im soo fat omg!!! i weigh 103 pounds!! im so fat!" and she does it right in front of me. i weighed 103 in 4th grade. 4th grade. i am a size 5 pants and i have to wear medium size shirts. i hate that. i have decided to become anorexic because it is the only way to lose weight fast, and i have a hard time living with the way i am now. i live on the beach so all of my family is always in bathing suits. all my sisters wear skimpy bikinis and i wear a one piece. when i go to sit down, my stomach rolls like you can't even imagine. i hate myself. i hate myself. i hate myself. so much. i am an anorexic.

imtofat imtofat 13-15 1 Response Jul 24, 2011

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You're going down the wrong path. I'm telling you right now, this is not easy and it will only cause you more pain and suffering