An Open Plea to Ana's Everywhere...

Look, I'm the exact opposite of anorexic. My only eating disorder is that I like food and drink a little bit too much. Yep. I'm fat. Some days it's hard being the fat guy. Others, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I was once well north of 330lbs... Today, I am down to 280lbs, thanks to excercise and better eating habits.

This is an open plea to those who are pro-ana, or are struggling anorexics. I'm offering those who struggle to overcome this, my heartfelt love and support. To those who see nothing wrong with this, and are for whatever reason ana... PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO STOP!!!!!! It's not healthy, and you are only harming yourself. It's also not attractive. No guy I know whould rather have a twig that he thinks would break in two if he hugged or held her. You're only hurting yourself. If you're only 120 or 130, you do not need to lose weight!!!! You are fine as you are at that scale, and are not even really overweight.

This is a plea for you, and from the hearts of hundreds of thousands of guys just like me, who only want to see you healthy and happy. We're begging you to stop because we love you.

For those struggling, we continue to offer our love and support in helping you overcome this horrific disease.

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I'm 15 and weigh 118 at 5ft 7 and I feel like I'm morbidly obese

Needs to be said more

I hate my self I have a problem 30 laxatives a day . loose weight gain weight the mirror tells me im so big but im not what do I have

It started because of all the hate & because i wanted love. i was tired of being told to die. i wanted someone tto charish my existance. i was so proud today. i ate a entire 170 calorie muffin. its become so hard to swallow but i did it. i had to cut it in half and take tiny bites but i still ate it.
Ive been anorexic for a year and a half. im 15, 5'2", & 104 pounds. im on a 600-800 calorie diet but its normally arpund a 450 calorie intake. yesterday i went over my limit by 109 calories. i almost cried when i heard that haunting voice in my head yelling at me saying, "youre so fat! Noone will ever love!" & im terrified of that voice because i know its ana.
Anorexia has taken over my life. im striving to get it back. i want recovery but its so much easier said than done.
If i could start over, id throw away the scale & every mirror i own. Id get rid of my lists of calorie intakes. i wouldnt listen to everyone who told me i wasnt good enough, because with anorexia i never will be good enough.

I'm so proud of you for working so hard to get over this. I know how awful it feels and I know you can beat this if you keep trying.

Thank you. im now 106 pounds. it doesnt seem like alot, but it is for me. im actually eat again. Sometimes its hard, and i do struggle, but im getting better. the voice in my head is still strong but im gaining weight and eating, even with this haunting voice.

If only it was that simple to stop being Anorexic huh..

Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast. Anorexics will not stop because someone has asked them. For me, 120-130 lbs would be so morbidly obese. Anorexia is a disorder. Not only is it a physical one, but a psychological one. I know that my view of others is distorted and the view of myself is distorted as well. Asking someone to stop, won't make them stop. Begging them to stop, wont' make them stop. As nice as this was, unfortunately the only way anorexics get better is they want to get better.

i'm sorry.. im 4'10 and 67 pounds.. trust me i'm fat.<br />
its so hard to stop.<br />
its so hard.<br />
i can't, i really can't... it makes me feel so great that someone cares,<br />
and it makes me feel even worse when i know for a fact that i will never win this battle..

But you WILL win Maiya! Keep trying!

I wish all men looked at women the way you do. My bf is 165 lbs and has made it loud and clear that I have to be atleast 35-40 pounds less them him... he claims its just a number but that number means everything. Thank you for your post it opened my eyes to what is really out there.

Made me cry...<br />
I guess its because i have a boyfriend and i dont know what he thinks about this..<br />
I guess I do now..<br />
Everythings slipping out of control.<br />
Thankyou for opening my eyes...

Dear DRcynic,<br />
ANY tipe of eating disorder is wrong. That's why they're called "disorders" (as in something not working in the right order). <br />
I honestly understand what you're saying. Because, se I was morbidly obese once. Somewhere around your original weight. Imagine that on a girl (and tell me all sizes are fine). Then I decided I do not want to be in the "look at that caboose" category. First I started by eating smaler portions and more frequently, working out, latter, avoiding and then, eliminating all saturated fats , carbohydrates, sugars and aspartan ad salts. Came to eating as healthy as someone can possibly eat. Fruits and vegetables on a daily basis,cople of times a week enriched with turkey and hake fish fillets. And managed to keep that diet ( not even in the term of forbiding myself something, just in the general term of actually changing your eating habits).<br />
Dropped alot of weight and then, gradually became obsessed with calories and the weight-dropping in an unhealthy way. <br />
The first time i decided to skip a meal was cause i was going out on a date and wanted the shirt to fit me just a little bit better so i would be able to hold my stomach in for the evening ( everyone who's ever been fat, and on a date, know exactly what i mean by "sucking it in").<br />
My stomach ached untill the next morning, and, (since the date went okay, and had to go out that evening as well) decided not to eat that day as well. The third day, my stomach slowly stopped aching and this bliss that overcame me, the bliss of it being totally empty just felt as such a high. And one thing led to another, i became utterly disgusted with food in general, and needless to say dropped too much weight, before realising it was such a problem. My goal weight was 120 lbs,I am now below 110, and have been struggling with this for a year now.<br />
It's so funny, when i think about it, my mom telling me this might happen. I was fat at the time cca 200 lbs. She said my weight is going down too fast and that anorexia is something that totally blurs your perception of self. Admittedly, I was overweight at the time, so i just found it hillariously ironic that a person of 200 lbs, might have anorexia. I didn+t see it as a problem, and appart from my mom, noone else did either. <br />
I wrote this because It goes frome one extreme into the other in a heartbeat (which also are irregular now, thanks to ana, btw), and for anyone to think its cool or a better way, i sincerely think is a moron. <br />
So cynical, i honestly applaud your healthy approach to loosing weight, just don't get carried away, it happened to me.

"if you are 120 or 130... You are not even really overwieght"?? I agree with creamsicle. Good intentions, but you should work on how you put it. Being anorexic, that freaked me out. So I'm not really overweight, but still overwieght. Thanks?

Im so glad you posted this :) I hope everyone reads it. I think everyone needs some sort of inspiration to battle eating disorders.. I was inspierd by my mother, I did it for her. Everyone should stop istning to society which, when your fat , demands you loose weight, but when you become anorexic, points its finger and laughs at you.

We all have individual crosses to bear. Those who know me will tell you mine is alcohol and food. This was simply my attempt to speak for many people out there who care and would like to see you happy and healthy.

dont u think is easy to say''please stop''when u dont know what its like to deal with it?

It's beautiful to see the way you care, even though you have nothing to do with it. You're really nice and caring :)

Exactly... but you posted it in the "I am aneroxic" group! Not in the "I don't care if women are fat or skinny- I like them all" group. (is there one of those??) LOL<br />
<br />
Anyway, I am not the only one who will read it that way- trust me.

That was the whole bloody point of the message... I only said 120 or 130 because I find it redundant to keep going and going and going. No matter your weight, anorexia is not ok.<br />
<br />
I am morbidly obese, and I have my own issues with food. It was a message from someone who does understand and cares.

No, not trying to give him a hard time.<br />
<br />
I'm just a person whose suffered from an eating disorder in her lifetime and I can tell you- that even though I'm 40 years old and know better, even though it's been a long while... part of me read this and thought "yea, I'm 150 pounds.... FAT! I should just stop eating for awhile"<br />
<br />
Seriously. <br />
<br />
and really... does it matter what a person weighs? Even if they're grossly obese, it's never a good idea for a person to practice anorexia.

No, but I'm not going to list every ten pounds... I found that to be just redundant and it misses the point.<br />
<br />
It was made with good intentions, and if they can't see it, then I'm sorry.

Sooo..... if we weigh more than 130, we're fat - thus it's OK to be anorexic at that point? <br />
<br />
That's not a good thing to write, you'd be shocked at how an anorexic person will read that, and not as a compliment.<br />
<br />
Most anorexics aren't anorexic solely because they think they are fat, they have many emotional issues involving self control and confidence. Just because you or anyone else says they're fine or too skinny- it won't make them stop or feel any better (possibly worse, because they think you're trying to "be nice")<br />
<br />
Your post was made with well intentions, but I think it could be harmful being read by a "real" anorexic.


I'm sure that you are well loved, your kind personality shows even through your writing

Well, I thank you.<br />
<br />
Everyone needs to hear that they are loved. I wish I had heard it from someone before I had turned to food for love and comfort.

drcynic I think you are so nice and I'm very grateful you have posted this. Thanks so much

Make yourself happy. Don't let anyone tell you that you're ugly because of your waistline. Whether it's too big or too small.

I have an eating disorder that is the opposite of anorexia. I can't stop, but I need to. So bad. I have never been this big before. <BR><BR>Every woman in my family struggles with weight. All the women on my dad's side. My mom was always skinny, but then she shot up to 250 one year (now she's down to 215). I just feel like the odds are against me.<BR><BR>Right now my mom is taking shots to lose weight. They aren't FDA approved, and I would not put them in my body. She tried to persuade me to. My family often makes me feel like crap about my weight. My brother and sister make fun of me. Even though my mom is fat, she hates it, and her belief is that skinny is best.<BR><BR>When she introduces me and my sister, she refers to my sister as the beautiful one and me as the smart one. That makes me feel like crap, and I really hate my body sometimes. Three years ago, I was about 175. I was happy there. I was that weight for awhile. I liked my body then, because the way my body is shaped, that didn't look bad as it sounds.<BR><BR>I got up to about 177-180 by graduation, but I was still happy. But in the end of 2007 I got custody of my brothers. I was trapped in the house all day and night taking care of them, and I developed severe agoraphobia, then I became depressed. In that period of time I shot up to 190-something. By summer I was 200 on the scale. I hated myself. <BR><BR>I did really good losing weight when I was staying at my cousins and got back down to 190. But when I came back home it shot up again. Because of the things my mom buys us to eat. Then she told me not to eat it the other day. Well, what am I suppposed to eat??<BR><BR>I am addicted to those foods and she keeps buying them. So it's hard. But now I'm trying to fix this, because this has gotten out of control for me.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, and lemme tell you, I don't caire what your dress size is. If I love you, I love you. Size hasn't a damn thing to do with it, and you are all beautiful just the way you are.

This makes me feel hopeful, I feel I'm unloved by many people simply because I feel fat. thank you for saying you'd love girls for who they are, many girls need that sense of security

Maybe I'm not the best person for women to hear it from... Look, I'll be honest, I'm fat. I have lost weight, and I'm healthier than I was as a teenager. I'm not the best looking guy, and I've never held a girlfriend longer than like a week.<br />
<br />
However, I know many guys who cannot express the thoughts I did because they are afraid that they'll be thought of as disingenuous for some reason. <br />
<br />
To me, all women of their natural size are beautiful. If you're curvy, or thin... As long as you're not hurting yourself. If you are a good person, I know, I personally would be proud to be dating you, no matter your size. Sometimes, I don't recieve the same treatment, because I'm overweight. Y'know though, for my money, as long as you're healthy and yourself (Like I am), then you're beautiful... At least to me.

I don't know you either, but I just hope if those words I spoke help just one person in some way, then I'm successful.<br />
<br />
You're welcome. All my love to you, vicky.

wow. i dont even know you and reading this brought tears to my eyes. <br />
<br />
sometimes its nice to hear someone who truly cares ... <br />
<br />
stuggling with my eating disorder gets harder every day and sometimes it people like you who keep me going<br />
<br />
thank you