Meeting Someone I Thought Would Help

when i was 16 i decided to change schools to see if that helped me overcome my issues. i met a lovely friend on the first day and actually got in with the "cool" people as we used to call it when we were younger. then, because i was missing a lot of school because of this ilness, i gradually got pushed out of the group. they started not inviting me to things, but would happily talk about their "great" night at the weekend, with me standing there and having no clue what they are going on about. this was horrible.

i would end up crying at school most days, hiding in the toilets, then reapplying my make up and making sure i looked presentable before i went out of the girls loos.

then one particular day i was in the loos, just came out to do my makeup, and i heard someone else crying hysterically, then i heard someone being sick. i locked the toilets, and knocked on her door. she came out so upset, it was heartbreaking. we sat there and talked for ages, we bunked off school and went and sat in the forest by our school to have a long chat. she told me she is anorexic and bullemic, the same as me!!! we made a packed that day, to help eachother GET BETTER! to bring eachother up, not down! finally this was over! we could both get on with our lives.

we spent every day together, every lunch together helping eachother, sharing our lunch, so we were eating but it didnt feel like too much, we would sit and take lots of pictures on lunch, being silly.

and two months later, it all changed, my world came crashing down! she had been talking about me to the group i used to hang around with when i started the school. she told them everything!!! they told everyone everything. and sudenly within a week, even my teachers knew. i confronted her about it, and we had a massive arguement in the house common room, she was so horrible.

then i started being bullied, people throwing things at me, food. with notes attached saying dont eat me fat *****!!!! one day it got so bad, i ran out of my class, went to the loos, binged and threw up so much, blood came up. next thing i knew, i woke up in hospital. as i had taken an overdose after i finished being sick.

even now, i still get contact off this girl, sometimes she is nice, other times she is horrible. i have moved away, far away, and will never ever see her again. the sad thing about this situation, is that she was very sick herself. and for some reason she decided to make my life hell. and she literally did make it hell on earth. i just hope she looks back at what she did, and regrets it. unfortunatly i can not errase the memory of those who found out. i will just have to learn to live with it. this was one of the worst years of my life. i trusted her with everything, and i mean everything.
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18-21, F
Sep 12, 2011