Male Anorexia Story

Hi everyone, my name is Jimmy, I'm a 22 year old male from New York City, and I am a recovering anorexic. Growing up i was always a very happy, athletic, big strong kid, when i was born i weighed 9 pounds and 12 ounces which is big. I played alot of sports, like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball, and up until I was in highschool had no problems like this. Throughout highschool i played alot of football and put on alot of weight. Looking back, irt wasnt much, but at the time i thought it was. I also had really bad acne, which developed into a lymph node infection that made me very very self conscious about my appearance, especially when the acne hit. Even though i wasnt overweight, i looked fat because of the swollen lymph nodes. I was always very athletic and active, my favorite thing to do was skateboard. So as the time went by I started losing weight by fasting and eating certain foods, and restricting my intake, at first it wasnt that bad. But my senior year it got out of hand, I became socially withdrawn, and started not taking care of myself, I went 6 months restricting my intake, and went almost 3 MONTHS WITHOUT EATING ANYTHING,at my worst i was about 118 pounds about 120 pounds underweight i lay in bed all day, one time i went to take a shower and i blacked out and woke up in a pool of my own blood on the bathroom floor, I WAS NEVER HOSPITALIZED FOR EATING DISORDERS, the one time they tried to intervene before it got bad, i ran away from the emergency room, my own self rightous qualities turned into my enemy when these bad habits got out of control. Another thing I struggled with on top of this ws being obsessed with eating healthy my body was craving food and i was still thinking i had to eat only fruits and salads, I was severly sick, To this day i rember the day I was sitting in my basement, and I realized thart if I didnt start eating I WAS GOING TO DIE, so i ate, and i ate and i ate, and eventually i gained wieght back, But the thing that was damged most was my self esteem, my mental health and my body. FOR the next couple years i was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, and went through some really rough times. I just was released from a 7 month stay at a psychiatric ward the other day. I feel like i ruined my life.
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You're very brave to share this story. I'm glad you managed to save yourself before it was too late, not many people can achieve that kind of clarity.