I Feel So Fat!!!!!!!!

I need to quit eating or im going to die from being so fat. Im jealous of all you people that can actually not eat unlike me i think ive had maybe around 1000 cals today and i feel terrible now ill try not to eat anything after school tomorrow someone please help me i need to text someone whenever i need it so they can make me not eat and i dont know exercise or something. Does it get easier or harder in the summer?? hopefully easier. Does smoking help loose wait or no?? im not quite sure. UGHHHHH all that i can smell and taste right now is pizza i feel disgusting!!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I need a Ana buddy too! Message me sometime

I really need a buddy too. I'm new to the whole thing and it's still tough for me to stay away from food. If u MSG me then we can exchange numbers:) it would really help me a lot.