I Am The Bones They Want To Make Dissapear. The Ribs They Can Count. The Space Between My Thighs.

Every time I walk on the sidewalk, and the sun is shining behind me, I look at my shadow.
I look at my shadow and I tell myself:

"I want to be like that. Skinny, thin, bony ... Perfect..."

And your going to think I'm a complete idiot for saying this, but I envie my shadow for being so dam skinny.


Show can I become skinnier? Anybody?
I've limited myself to 175 calories a day, but it's not good enough.
Shadowofyou Shadowofyou
13-15, F
4 Responses Apr 28, 2012

Oh honey I'm so sorry. I understand completely. I suck in my stomach and just think, if only I could lose enough weight to get exactly like that...

yeah, me too love

I totally understand. I am the exact same way! Feel free to msg me too. =]

thanks darling, i will

You should try and look for positive help and not negative, which i feel you may attract here. Your main focus should be on recovery no matter how hard that may be and how harsh it may sound, but i only want whats best for you.. xXx

thanks so much xx

agree completely, msg me, I feel the same way

okay, thanks honey