'i Should Be Dead' (poem)

I know that it's controlling me 
I know the truth isn't what I see
but I can't always be 
The strong person you want me to be
each day is a brand new war
each day I lose even more. 
It's the voice that is controlling me
making it impossible to see 
that reality isn't what I see. 
It repeatedly plays inside my head
making me wish I was dead. 

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe 
that this voice will ever leave.
Each day I face the mirror 
and each day I see it shimmer 
as fiery tears fill my eyes 
and I bite back my own cries. 

All alone I struggle on
even when my strength is gone 
I stubbornly cling to my life
despite it feeling sharper than a knife
I know it's wrong, 
but I can't stand strong. 
For the voice inside is stronger, 
each day I wander even further 
from the truth. 

I want a corset of bones and will pay with my life, 
even when I have one I struggle with my life. 
Hunger is my strength 
and passion is my enemy. 
Self hatred is my fuel 
and my ego just a memory. 

I am strong as I am empty 
I am fierce as I am empty 
I am light as I am empty... 

Wish I could see the light, 
wish I could find the might 
to fight 
the voice embedded within my head 
telling me it would be better if I was dead. 
WordHustler1995 WordHustler1995
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

That's really really good. Did you write that yourself. And it's all so real to me it touched me cause of how well I can relate to it

yes I did write it myself. It helps me talk about my problems by writing about them. Thank you for reading it and for saying its very good.

If there's any way I can help just let me know X

Yea just send me a message and we can talk

Sure thing

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