My Real Story

Ok so this all started last year when I moved across the country. I had pressure from every angle. I've lived in the shadow of my older sister my whole life. She was always the smartest,prettiest girl I ever knew. Well anyways I'm a softball star, drumline captin and I take highschool classes as a 7tH grader do you know how much pressure that is. When I moved I knew I had to prove myself as a softball player and a Worthy female drummer. And so I began to worry about my weight a lot and feared if I wasn't smaller no one would want me as a softball player or drummer. So I started off doing it the right way but then began to slowly eat less and less entail this year where it became almost nothing at all. I strive to be the best at everything I do. But now I'm going to lose everything I work my entire life for to this. I am now the starting 3rd base player for my team and I mean it took a lot of work cause I'm playing with 16,17,and,18 year old girls as a 14 year old. I beat every boy drunner at my school but it's still not good anuf for me. I just found out last month I now have spinal cancer and my doctor says I have to eat to survive radiation and surgery but I'm not ready to give up this life. And heck if I'm going to lose everything I work so hard for I'm at least going to be skinny.
13-15, F
May 9, 2012