How Do You Know?

Ok so here's the story...
A few months ago I was what most people would call "normal", I ate "healthy" amounts of food and I did appropriate physical activity, I have always been thin, underweight according to most people but a few months ago something in me just sort of...snapped, I cut down my eating to as little as I could bare (maybe 400 calories a day). People said I was crazy and I was already thin enough but I can't see it, the numbers were getting too high, I couldn't bare to be more than 110lbs at absolute maximum, I have been working towards getting to 90lbs. I absolutely hate myself everytime I eat. Is this anorexia nervosa or what?

For the past week and a half I feel as if I have gone back to not caring about my weight, I'm torn between my desire to be lighter but I'm starting to not care again. I dont want to slip away, I am happy when I dont eat, but I need a lot help to get back on track, I need ways to stop myself binging and eating in general. Am I anorexic or what? I want help to get back on my low-calorie diet but I need to know, am I anorexic?
KAM636 KAM636
18-21, M
May 10, 2012