Rules (triggering?)

Anorexics really like rules it seems. Here are some of mine. What are yours?

For Eating:
1. No Food.
2. Safe Food- Graps, and sliced pickles.
3. Do not eat any foods including safe foods.
4. If you have to eat, spit it out.
5. No more spitting, the saliva might absorb some calories.
6. For parties, spit food into colored plastic cups so that party guests see you eating.
7. Hide, Hoard, or Give Away food.
8. Breakfast is unneccisary and unearned calories. Avoid it.
9. Lunches belong in the trash can.
10. Do not eat any food that you bake.
11. Calories consumed during baking count, ex. icing.

For Excersize:
1. Excersize after every meal.
2. If your heart isn't beating as fast as it possibly can you aren't going fast enough.
3. No breaks.
4. At least six full speed laps must be completed each day.
5. A hundred of each must be completed before showering- squats, jumping-jacks, pushups, and miscellaneous.
6. Cold showers only, run to keep warm.
7. Jogging, jumping, knee ups, and miscellaneous shall be mandatory for the duration of the shower.
8. Additional food = Additional excersize.
9. You must twitch your leg all class seven class periods everyday for a total of burning two-hundred calories. Lunch will be used as make up time in case you subconsiously forgot during a time period and did not notice.
10. Why drive when you can walk?

Punishments and Scrutinizing:
1. Judge your body only in the bathroom mirror showing the right side. The left side is skinnier and therefore less accurate.
2. Suck in stomach whenever hiccuping, burping, or using the bathroom to make sure that any bloating receedes to its fullest.
3. Pee as often as you can to reduse bloating.
4. You may only use toilet paper if your stomach is flat.
5. Sucking in your stomach when judging your size is cheating.
6. Do not take pictures. They may be found and used as evidence against you. (I now wish I had many more pictures.)
7. Excersize.
8. Before weighing disrobe your shirt and jeans. Replace jeans with weightless pajama shorts. Take out any earings, jewlrey, belts, shoes, socks, and hair accessories.
9. Weigh yourself multiple times to make sure it is accurate.
10. Loose Weight- Smile. Gain Weight- Die.

For Recovery (My sick rules):
1. No meal should last less than thirty minutes.
2. You must not eat in between the three hours between meals.
3. A meal should stretch as long as you can.
4. Lie.
5. The smaller the better.
6. Eat the same thing everyday.
7. Eat lots of fruit- happy parents, less calories.

To Sleep:
1. Always fold the bathroom towells perfectly so that the corners are all together.
2. Make sure that the area under the toothbrush is wiped dry.
3. Arrange brother's face washing tubes to all face front, corners touching with the soap dispenser straight in front of them, touching.
4. Make sure the corner of the mosterizer touches the back corner of the toothbrush holder.
5. Make sure face mask touches the mosterizer and is in a straight line with it.
6. Brush teeth at least five times.
7. Rebrush teeth everytime you reenter the bathroom.
8. Make sure bath rug sides are not crooked and rest of the indentation of the bathtub.
9. Make sure all drawers are closed.
10. Fold blankets in living room.
11. Make sure all chairs are pushed in precisely with straighened placemats. Pay special attention to your own seat.
12. Pray
13. Prop the door open with a robe and repeatively look from behind the door into the hallway an equal number of times. You must stop looking randomly, without first thinking about stopping. If you think about stopping you must keep going.
14. Kiss stuffed animals.
15. Look behind bed on each side an equal number of times repeatively without first thinking of stopping.
*13-15 must be repeated everytime during the night you wish to leave and enter the bedroom.
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18-21, F
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