I Think Im Going Alittle To Far

i am anorexic.i want to be beautiful.im constaly told that i am but i turn the other way and say than it must be working . when im told to eat i eat a bite and push the rest around my plate then when i can leave i throw up that one bite till i see nothing but bile.i cant keep anything down . its gotten so bad i dont change in gym and you can almost see my ribs through a shirt its gotten so painful .
elizabeth4lynn6v12 elizabeth4lynn6v12
13-15, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

Your not alone, there are places you can go, people who can help you. I know its hard i really do the pressure to look skinny is so bad these days. I'm so sorry ypu have to go through this it's not fair. You can always talk to me.