Thinny Mini Me My Beginning Journey

I have decided to lose weight and see beautiful bones. expercise no food intake except when forced on then only certian foods. I am 28 yes im older but i have had issues with myself since i was 10. i hate myself and everything is gravely spiraling out of control and i need control. i weigh 135lbs and im 5ft 4 inches tall my goal weight is 95 lbs. i need ppl to help me keep on my goal. email me anytime or on here:) i like to help people too so we can achieve our goals together.
seekerofstars01 seekerofstars01
26-30, F
3 Responses May 16, 2012

please listen to me, you need to understand once you start its hard to stop, your weight and height is perfect. You dont need to see your bones, i wish i could of just stopped but its too late now and theres no way out.

Message me! Thats my goal weight too!

Message me sometime I think I can help