Thinny Mini Me Day Two Well Sorta Been Going For A Week

i ate once today and it was all veggies and only about a cup of food at that. so i did good. I went to the gym and burned off 136 calories twice the amount i put in and when i weighed before exercising i weighed 131.5 and two days ago when i weighed with the same scale i weighed 135 when i finished excercising today i weighed 130. its going away. tips and tricks drink lots of water. drink water between each bit of food to fill you up if you have to eat. exercise use a treadmill if you cant run walk. at 2.5 mph in 20 minutes you burn around 100 calories but it also has to be inclined 2 degrees. if you run for a minute or 2 then you burn calories quicker but my knee can't take that so i did it for 2min and stopped. i did 100 top ab crunched and 25 lower ab crunches and 100 inner thigh slimmers today. i did 25 lower ab crunches this morning too so i did alot better on my exercise. my eats for today were...water constantly with crystal light flavoring, 2 bites or canteloupe, dinner i had veggie fajitas consisting of, 6 slivers of onion, 2 slices of tomato, half a cup of mushrooms and i took out the bell pepper bc it gives me heart burn badly!!...and tea to drink... i have cut out sweets altogether. chocolate is heaped with calories and calories are bad!!...cant weight to see peoples reactions at my 10yr high school reunion. im gonna be so gonna be the skinny ***** instead of the ugly fat loner dork geek like i used to be. im gonna be so different...oh yeah i quit smoking now for 2 full days. go me...i got exercise to help me with that too. and maybe i will be able to sing again...i miss that...yeah im gonna stop now i talked way too down to 130 hopefully i can keep will power to ignore hunger pains is great...the pain lets me know im alive.
seekerofstars01 seekerofstars01
26-30, F
May 18, 2012