I Was

i wanted to be a modle so bad and i kept getting turend away so i stopped eating but im better now and im a plus size modle and i love my body but i know what its like and its horribal to feel so ugly even when your not :(
iliketosuckcock iliketosuckcock
18-21, F
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Would you please add me...

so do you enjoy alot od photography with your bf and i guess you try all kind of pose right hhhmmm i wonder what are those pose then?

Glad you are doing well now. You are a beautiful girl. I would love to see some ofyour photos. Will you add me please. Stay heatlhy

Here is the question for you: when you were battling with anorexia and you sucked a ****, did you swallow or did you spit? Not a lot of calories but lots of protein. Inquiring minds want to know what happened to all those deposits!

take care of your body , you know organs need nutrition to function

ahh thats a shame women should feel like that, its not healthy not to eat, i am really happy you have overcome your problems and hope you are happy. A woman with curves are better x