Thinny Mini Me 2

I completely bombed out yesterday...ugh no exercise adn food not going to explain. today i havent eaten a thing yet and im going to go exercise just been drinking water. its hard to fight the urge to eat. when i dont eat i get shaky and headaches all the time but they go away eventually. i cant wait to be skinny.
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I'm sorry I offended you in any way. I know how you feel. Everyone wants you to "just eat" an it's not that simple. It seems impossible. I just wish the best for you.

Hey ur going thru the hardest stage right now, I went thru it last week, its called the cravings, I did the same thing anytime I messed up, the next day I punished myself by not eating at all, some tips for when ur feeling hungry, take a walk outside, exercise, work just stay busy, and if u still cnt help it, then send me an instant msg, and I'll send u some encouraging words and song suggestions to help you stay strong

This is not the can be skinny and not starve yourself. Of Course I have no right to say that because I'm anorexic but I really hope you don't go down the wrong path. You are stronger than that. God Bless(:

No offense to you personally, but ur the second person I've seen put a comment like this on someone's forum, the first one I saw was on mine, and honestly, ppl who are going thru the anorexia stage does not want to hear "this is not the way" we hear it enough from family, friends and other individuals,these forums are for those that at the moment feel like there is no hope and want to be skinny immediately, to encourage eachother thru it, and then maybe after we reach our ideal weight, then maybe we'll seek "a different way" like a salad a day k.

Thank you. Im not looking to be bone thin i just want to lose my pudge which is everywhere. i used to be muscular but that was before i went thru chemo. now its just all lose skin and fat i just want to be skinner. bines are beautiful and i still get comments everyday about how i should eat im 131 as of today and my collar bones stick out far and laying down i can see mu hips and ribs. i just want to lose the extra weight and that hard to do bc my metabolism changed. so encouragement is good and i dont want anyone to get hurt. i want to be healthy skinny and that is possible. neg cal foods and exercise are a big factor. so i know the right way to go. my health is important to me i even quit smoking. been a full week now. yay go me im so proud of myself