Best Friend?

I'm 14 years old and I know I have suffered from anorexia since last year.
When I was 13 I had to get a cast on my foot which lead to me having to use cry he's to get around everywhere. Little did I know, I would be losing a lot of weight due to that. That summer, I went back to school and got comments like "she looks anorexic!" "why did she lose so much weight?!?" the words were unbearable to be heard. I went home and thought maybe I'm not pretty enough. So, that's when I started to become anorexic. I would eat hardly anything in a day. And soon it lead to me purging. My parents noticed how thin I was becoming and told me that if I didn't strt to eat again, I would be put into counseling. That scared me enough to stop doing what I was doing for awhile until I started gaining weight again. So, I started up my old habits again. Except this time, I would binge and purge. I would cry the whole time too. You see, all I want is to make my dad proud of me and to be beautiful. I'm currently trying to get back to a normal life again bit I'm struggling. I need a supposed buddy to talk to that understands. Anyone?
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Message me if you want x I'm 13 btw and have had anorexia and binge eating and depression

Drop me a message if you like, I understand how you feel! :)

I want a friend to help me I think I have anorexia but cannot tell my parents they will freak I just need someone to talk too

Message me if you ever need someone to talk too!