Need A Texting Buddy With A Uk Mobile Number To Help Me Please!

please! very new to this and need all the suport i can get!
trying to get skinny, and i have started off reallt well but i need all the support i can get! xx
abibarker1993 abibarker1993
2 Responses May 22, 2012

thankyou for ur advice, but with experience i find loosing weight is easier being sick and not eating, skinny and skinnier is my moto.x x

okaii so i dont live anywhere near the UK but i thought id share this with u just so that u know that ur not alone. i just dont think u should have wrote this in the anorexic group.anyway im starting to lose weight because im starting my bro's diet. he lost bout 29 kg in a month and a half. he had this diet thing which included 5 meals a day small proportions and diet of course, but im not going to lie to u he did do a lot of sports. exercise is a main key factor in the journey of weight loss. as to what sports or exercises he did , im not 100% sure bout the details but i know he walked a lot, if ur interested i can ask him for u and reply later, i can also give u the specific diet he / i am currently on if u also want. im speaking of personal experience here, it is not as easy as u think , u actually have to work hard.<br />
other than that , good luck x