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so yesterday i ate.
it wasn't much i mean, but it meant the world to me. I exercised all night, but that can't help me anymore. it's just the not eating that can make me feel okay about myself.
yea so today i didn't eat anything. i dint even drink, hoping that giving up everysinglething could make me recover from eating yesterday. Now i have a huge head ake, i feel so weak. it takes me every bit of effort to get up the stairs.
i feel dizzy, and the world is spinning. and its getting real hard not to even think of food.

and I'm cold. the weather outside is real hot, but I'm still walking around with a sweater, coz I'm cold.

ugh. i just want to become skinny. f*kin skinny. thats all i can think about.
and i can't wait to be bony, and i can't wait to be the skinniest girl in my class. to show off my bones, to be happy about the number when i step on the scale
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

But you will never be happy with the number when you step on the scales trust me. Ive been there you will go until you die and never be happy. Bones only make you unattractive.. only suffering comes from starvation nothing more.. xXx

Stay strong! Remember there is no gain without pain? I'm always here to help if you need me!