i was in the shower, holding the razor blade at my hips. and i just kept pushing harder and harder in the same place each time. and it happened. the biggest piece of skin was ripped off. the blood was gushing, and wouldnt stop. i was so dizzy , so i got out of the shower,laid down and passed out.since i was alone in the house i woke up and cleaned the blood, and went to bed. im already low in blood flow. this didnt help. it wont stop bleeding. what do i do ? help me please. i havent eaten all day. im half dead.
bul1marexi4 bul1marexi4
1 Response May 28, 2012

cutting by your hips is dangerous some of your biggest arteries are there if your not careful then you can hit a major one and bleed out in less than an hour.. i advise to not cut there in the future... xXx