I'm not sure if I am anorexic or not I'm 5'4 and weigh 95 pounds which I know isn't a lot but I can't help not eating! I try to limit myself to 200 calories a day, and no one in my family has noticed. Im obsessed with looking up how to loose weight and keep track of every crum i eat and how much exercise I do. People usually give into food but I feel sick when I look at it! I can't help by want to be skinnier... I just want to get down to maybe 87 by the summer! And then I'll stop?? Plus I'm a serious dancer so I kind of get a lot of pressure to lose weight...
Mtbeauvais Mtbeauvais
1 Response Jun 12, 2012

HI, yep you sound exactly like me when i was starting to become anorexic ... I'm 13 and know exactly what your going through if you ever need someone to talk to that knows what they are talking about and isnt your parents or your friends message me and i'll give you my number xoxox