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I Need A Buddy!

No one understands me! They all expect me to eat like a pig, I'v been dealing with Anorexia for a long time and my friends, family make it so miserable. Their always telling me to eat and they are always lecturing me. My friend says to stop playing and to start eating right etc. I've pretty much made up my mind that nobody around me will ever understand me at all.
AnaMonster AnaMonster 13-15, F 3 Responses Aug 1, 2012

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i wont say i understand exacty your situation but i feel the same i love ana because ana is pretty ana is thin and the only people who dissagree are secretly jealous message me we can b buddies

I am going through the same thing you are you should be my texting buddy, whats youre number?

A buddy of mines deals with the issues you do.She believes theres nothing wrong with it.For a moment she read a psychology of mine and decided she didnt want to lose 70 pounds but it was short lived.What ive learned from here is that sometimes the worse thing you can do is not accept a person the way they are.If you were born a monster sometimes you stay a monster.Human beings think that everything has to be normal to make sense and if its not normal it must be made normal or at least contained. I dont agree with starving yourself to get the perfect body.But thats not my right to say cause your not just anorexic your a person.And you deserved to have your own to views to love to hate whatever no one deserves to tell you how to feel.Though its not good to close your mind.Everyone has something to offer even you.And im sorry for the struggle your going through.I hope it gets better for you.