Fed Up Of Ignorant People.

I'm fed up of ignorant people that think that Anorexia means that the person suffering thinks they're fat & wants to lose weight! Yes, that's one form but there are hundreds of types of anorexia. For example, I don't think I'm fat, In actuality I want to get fatter! However I have a fear of food, not because of the calories but because I have to waste time eating/preparing food, or because the sheer amount in one serving can look overwhelming sometimes.
I also cannot gain weight & therefore I have to eat larger sevings...therefore it is one vicious circle.
I think it's time that people opened their eyes and realise that Anorexia has many forms & not just the "I think i'm fat" attention seeking form that many people choose & that we all know.
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Exactly. It winds me up so much.

I have preached this to death! I'm anorexic but for the control aspect, I look at myself and want to gain weight in some areas, that's why it took so long for me to realise I had a disorder. Ignorant people, they're all so consumed by the medias version of anorexia-.-

I could not of said this better myself! All these years I've tried explaining to my family what it's like but they just don't understand, but you described it the same way I do. I honestly thought I was to only anorexic who didn't want to be the way I am & look the way I do

That's exactly why I joined experience project, however i've found it difficult to speak to people because my form of anorexia is not a common one.

I too never thought I was fat....Sometimes I had point when I felt fat. but it wasn't a content thought within me. I've just decided to seek self treatment. I am ready to be healthy and happy. I believe that being apart of this group will help me not feel so alone in this.

Its true anorexia has many forms but ive NEVER heard of an anorexic wanting to gain weight.. have you actually been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having anorexia?

I must be one of those rare cases you've "never" herd of. I was diagnosed 7 years ago, from day one I've wanted nothing more then to gain weight. It's just not that easy. Everyone's different just because you haven't witnessed it before does not mean it doesn't exist.

Thats exactly what I said haha. Some people are so so ignorant aren't they!

Dont call me ignorant! I understand the wanting to recover which involves gaining weight and there is the wanting to be able to want to gain weight, but the very definition if this disease is that the person has a complete fear of gaining weight. When you begin I want to gain weight you the. Become a recovering sufferer. And I never said it didn't exist you twist my words to be spiteful, I simply said I'd not heard or met one...

Oh and just so you know I have PTSD and have been recovering from anorexia for several years now I was simply asking a question

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