Becoming Anorexic

I am 13, turning 14 in one month, and right now weigh a total of 124.4lbs. I originally had binge eating disorder since I was 9, but I told no one, since at 9, I had no idea what it was. I recently discovered I had it when reading an article and discovered I had all the symptoms. :( my doctor has been telling me for many years that I am overweight and need to lose a lot. That doesnt help my thoughts about stopping eating. I have overcome my binge eating disorder on my own, but I'm afraid I became anorexic in the process.
My dad used to tell me to stop eating such high-sugar foods, and that I would be really fat. My friends all say that I'm skinny, but when we all were our bikinis, I am always the chubbiest person there. I am 4"11 so according to my doctor, my BMI is too high. Im starting to get too self concious about my weight/fat, and will often cover my stomach with my arms or a book at school. I nibble at my lunch so my friends don't notice anything, and I eat as less as my parents will allow at dinner.
I always had a sweet tooth, and despised healthy foods, so just switching to healthily foods wouldn't help me. I'm not eating much anymore and I'm fine with that. I don't want to eat as much as I used to, and not eating seems to be easy now.
I realize that I should eat something, and I try to eat as much as I can without gaining many calories, and I still excersize through sports like swim team and tennis.
I'm kinda nervous that I might stop eating all together.
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I hope you get better you're still young and growing! the doctors shounlt put that pressure on you i am a student Doctor ur bmi should be 20-30 to be healthy there just stupid thesse days u can have evreything in uilty sugar foods are ok now then

Thanks :D
I go to a therapist and she also says that girls put on weight around this age chz theyre growing, but my doctor is just insistent on being a perfect weight. -.-

And my BMI is 25 which is just entering the overweight category. D:

as long as ur under 30 ur fine BUT at ur age ur body is changeing due to hormones and u will gain/losse weight at it's own will and the hormones do that like if you have started ur peroid's already ur body gains 2 pounds due to blood building up and the hormones in ur body rises and when it finishes u losse it agian she don't know jack dont worry about it my dear

Thanks so much. :)

no problem if u ever need to chat im here

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