I'm Done With This!

Anorexia is not a fashion statement and I never thought it was. Hopefully, it never will be because truthfully, anorexia hurts. It hurts you, family, friends, and everyone around you. It seriously sucks. So, this is me saying I'm going to kick this horrendous disease out of my life; I will overcome this. You don't choose it, but you can choose to fight back, and that is just what I will do! I will love my body. I will love myself. I will not fast, but if I do, it will be to help cleanse my spirit in the name of God. I will try hard to eat 3 meals a day. My meals will be healthy. I will treat myself twice a month. That treat will be at least some-what healthy. I will stop purging. I will cut down on my caffeine intake. I will exercise everyday, but I will NOT over-exercise. Most importantly, I will try. I will try hard. I am willing to fight and I will win. I can do this. I pledge to become fit and become healthy. I pledged, will you?
krissyboo krissyboo
13-15, F
5 Responses Sep 25, 2012

My friends are helping me fight back, its hard i admit..i want to give in. But with others out there like you i think theres hope(:

<3 I love that you have the motivation and confidence to do this! I know it will work out for you ~

I'm so proud of you! It takes a lot to take the first step, and I'm glad that you did. I myself know how terrible anorexia is and how much it effects. It's insane how different my life is since beginning with anorexia. I always thought that it was just a phase that I could grow out of; but here I am, almost one year since I've been "free from anorexia" and I still have the same thoughts in the back of my mind telling me to loose weight and that I'm fat. I refuse to listen to them though, I'm trying to recover, and I know that one day ill be better so I ignore each one or the voices in my head telling me that my body doesn't look right

Good on you :) *hugs*

God bless you beautiful. You are so strong. I myself once battled with the condition, and I only wish I was as smart as you at the time. Keep fighting and don't ever let any one tell you you can't do it! If you need support or a shoulder, I'm here.