Help Wanted.

Okay so....
Ive always battled with my weight from being 9/10 onwards. I developed a stomach problem which led to me putting on weight (by no means overweight) though my older sister called me fat this went on for years.
When i was 18 my ex boyfriend use to call me far (granted i got comfortable and put weight on once again never fat, Maybe 9stone tops)
when i broke up with him i lost the weight. Fast! I went down to 7 stone and didnt look healthy.
( I am 5ft)
This year i recently went threw a break up (of my long term partner), Lost our house, my grandad died and 6weeks later my Nanna died.All of this took its toll on my weight and i have since been extreamelly poorly with Depression, anxiety and anorexia (yay)
However it appears alot of people on here enjoy being anorexic i dont and i feel its ruining my life. If anybody has any help or good advice you would like to pass on to help me get threw this will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!
Lilqueenxx Lilqueenxx
Sep 25, 2012