The Fight Against Ana

I will not say "I used to be anorexic". That would be a false statement, once anorexia takes over, you will always be anorexic, the thoughts will always be in the back of your head. I am a survivor of anorexia I will say. When I became anorexic, it was just an extreme diet to lose weight. But when the weight starts to drop, you just tell yourself, 5 more pounds. You tell everyone that you have everything under control and you really don't. You feel like you are controlling your body but Ana is controlling you. You feel pains of not eating but you make yourself believe it's the pain of whatever small bite of food you ate the night before so you don't eat again.
Anorexia killed my daughter. I tried getting my health together during my pregnancy but it was too late for her. My body was already ruined. While trying to get my health on track, I almost lost my son as well. Ana is no joke. Girls and guys who are suffering, you can stop, it's not impossible, it's hard but you can do it. And if you want to be Ana, let me tell you it is not a choice. It's a mental illness, but if you going to starve, please save yourself before you start....
TeenMommyof4 TeenMommyof4
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1 Response Nov 10, 2012

Hello TeenMummyof4,
I am currently writing a Thesis on AN and am offering free 4 Kinesiology treatments for long term AN Sufferers. I am a student of Elizabeth Hughes.
I would only need permission from you and a lock of your hair sent to me via post to do these treatments. I would be happy to report via email or Phone/Skype on my findings if you would like to know them.
The goal of my Thesis is to prove that Kinesiology is an effective Treatment for AN when the conventional approach has failed. I aim to prove that Kinesiology can unlock and heal the underlying causes.
Thank you for considering this offer.
Kind Regards,
Jane McGarvey.
Sunshine Coast, Australia.