I'm Finally Admitting To Myself That It Is Time To Get Help.

I'm 19, and I need help before this turns into something bad. No matter what I do, my condition gets worse with each and every day. I'm afraid for myself and I really need someone that understands to help me. So please help!
dancer5665 dancer5665
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

I think it's wonderful that you're accepting the fact that you need help- that's one of the hardest parts. If you can find people that support you and accept you for who you are, the healing process will feel much easier on you. Telling yourself that you need help is one of the biggest steps towards getting better, and I congratulate you for being brave and strong enough to make that happen.
If you ever need or want someone to talk to for advice, support, or anything else feel free to send me a message- Although no two situations are the same, I feel like I have a good idea what you're going through.
Stay strong!