The Journey Through Hell...

I guess I never expected it to come or to last as long as it did. Maybe it was just a phase or just some kind of weird thing that had happened. No, it was an eating disorder and it took control of my life fast.
It all started when I was in 8th grade, track season, and decided to lose some weight. No full on intensions or anything, just simply wanted to lose a little. I had heard about purging and decided to try it. Eventually, I had bulimia and I would purge 3 times a day. After about a moonth I decided that I didn't like purging and it was too hard so I decided to just not eat. That it where it started...
Running became over exercising and eating was aweful, I couldn't eat enough. I dropped so quickly that by the time summer came, I was 104 pounds at 5'9 in height. It got even worse as I started becoming someone I am not and arguments arose everyday. By the tie I was 102 pounds, I was admitted to the hospital. My kidney and liver were failing, my heart rate was 28 bpm and I had the bluest fingers.
Eventually, I ate and was tube fed also, but I recovered and was able to go home and continue my recovery. I struggled after this, mentally, and was admitted again in January. I still struggle today and I have just come home from 4 months of intensive care in Utah. I mostly struggle with exercise now but i'm healthy and happier than i've ever been.
purplegirld purplegirld
Nov 25, 2012