I Want To Hear Your Story

Hello everyone, I have read all your stories and think you are all amazing and brave girls.
I work in the health and fitness industry, I have seen so many girls literally killing themselves to get skinny, but where do we stop, and how do we get help? I am looking for some one who doesn't want help, is happy with what they're doing and would come forward and tell me their story for a sensitive documentary.

jjwilkins jjwilkins
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

This is kind of like Thin the documentary. The difference here is that your getting people who don't want to change, and Thin was about girls in a treatment facility.

I think your idea is great! This will raise awareness to teens especially girls about anorexia and other disorders!

I dont want to get better. But i have a qjuition im 16 156cm and 43kg apprently im under weight but i feel waaaayyyy to fat to be even diagnosed with anorexia binge purge type...what do u think ofvthis?...

Hi thanks for replying, that could work. Where are you based, the UK or America? i would like to hear your story. please message me your email address if you are interested.

What type of documentary are you planning on doing?