I'm Addicted To Anorexia And Anorexia Is Addicted To Me.

I was 4stone 2lbs when I was admired to hospital waiting for my body to finish me off and send me to the angels of hell.

Well I might not be dead but I am living a living hell I battle with anorexia everyday, I will feast and binge and starve I enjoy going to the gym and running on nothing until I'm ready to pass out I am 8 stone 6lbs and average weight for my height I have battled 8 years with anorexia I guess just another 62 to go.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Oh wow.

How much is a stone. I don't know that one.

A stone is 14lbs so I was a total of 58lbs.