eThis is an updat on an earlier situation. I have never been formally diagnosed as having Anorexia. I know I probably won't unless I either get sent to the hospital for my self injury, or taken to see a doctor because someone has noticed my weight loss.
As I said before I started small. At first it was my horrible depression making me unable to eat much or sometimes at all. Then later when I had lost about fifteen pounds, I decided I liked getting so thin, My bones stick out.
  I have a teacher who had Anorexia as a teen and young adult, and she suspects me. I know she does. I usually eat at home so my family doesn't know. But at school I don't eat at all. The lunch ladies question me, but I just say I've got homework to do or something to get them off my back.  I don't know if I want to get better yet. Maybe someday I will. For now though, I will work on what I have been.
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That is so sweet.

So young to start such a struggle... my heart breaks for you.