Fighting Ana

I am 13 years old, and proud to say I am on the recovery road from this horrible illness. My lowest weight was 97 pounds (I'm 5' 4") and is slowly climbing up each week. However, Ana still finds her way to my mind and sometimes has controlling powers. I have identified that the real me is here to recover, and even though the time is rough, I will get there someday. I want to be able to inspire other people to love themselves too, but first I must learn to love myself. I am so thankful for the other people in my life, because they are the reason I am not currently in the hospital. I remember the day not too long ago when I was crying and Ana was there is my head telling me to die. Eating disorders have that power to be that voice, but we have the power to fight them. We are beautiful.
beautifulworld08 beautifulworld08
Dec 3, 2012