When i look in the mirror all I see starring back is a fat little girl who got bullied in school.
When I look at my family and friends they see a girl starving herself for perfection slowly killing herself.
When does perfect stop? When do we reach it?

Bellaalone Bellaalone
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

there is no such thing as perfect honey,
wel live in a world that always puts people down for not following the image of the perfect body and the pristine model like look.
well personnally all i can say is hun be proud of who you are because i think the only thing that someone should strive for is to be happy.
i know that's easier said than done but as i said before please just stay strong and when looking in the mirror try not to look for whats wrong but look deeper and see the lovely person you certainly seem to be :)