In Need Of A Buddy

I've been trying to fight the urge for the past two years but the only word that has been floating through the back of my mind is fat. I can't fight it any more. I refuse to. What I need right now is a friend. Someone who will support me and help me keep my head in the game. I need someone who will be there for me and help stop the urge to just fill my face. I can't do this alone. My family wouldn't understand, my friends wouldn't understand. If someone out there ages 15-18 can help me, maybe do a plan with me, that would be great. I can't text until Jan but you can message me on EP. please. I need you.
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I have bulimia, I'm new to this stuff.... I haven't told anyone.. help? add me?..

Hey I noticed we were in the same age range, and I added you. I'm currently suffering from anorexia.

Maybe we can help eachother out :)!! hoping to find a councelor within the next month too.. im starting to realize.. asking for help isnt out of giving up.. im just finally realizing I cant do this on my own anymore!

hey thanks

NO ONE IS PERFECT. insecurities... we all have them. you need to respect yourself more. you can text me I'm 15

WHy do you eat?

I can't help it. I feel like a greedy pig sometimes. I've reduced my eating by becoming a vegetarian but it has only helped a little. I'm usually good with not eating but this summer I completely broke. I met this guy who had me feeling like the top of the world and then my sister told my mom (I'm not supposed to be dating until I'm 16 - been doing it since I was 10) and she forced us to break up. I just started feeling worthless again and like if I'd been a little bit thinner, a little pit prettier, a bit more perfect, maybe he would have fought my mom a little bit harder to stay with me.

Well, why arent you satisfied with being you?

Because I'm always striving for more. My parents are always obsessing with me being perfect. My friends always want me to be perfect for them. Guys don't seem to find me perfect enough. Maybe I just want to live up to some of these expectations.

Why dont u just say **** that and live life the way you like to?

Because sometimes its not just that simple

Yes it is.

not really. maybe for you it is. but I guess thats why everybody isn't you. everyone has their own story

Why isnt it that simple for you to simply take responsibility for your life and decide a path

Stop attacking her. She just explained she isn't you. It's not easy for her. What part of that didn't you understand from above? she's looking for support not for people to bring her down.

Because you're beginningto sound hell of a lot like my mother and I'm done responding to you

Look man, just because someboady isnt me doesnt mean were not all human.

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