I Hate The Mirror

I look in the mirror every morning hating what I see. I see a girl that weighs 200 pounds and in reality I'm not.. My friend and family tell me I'm skinny. I don't believe them of course!

Yesterday I didn't have dinner..today I didn't have breakfast or lunch and I really don't want to eat lunch..

The scale dropped a pound..made me really happy and not care about all these bad stomach pains.. It made me happy. I'm 114 now and want to go lower.
My official overall goal is 100LB but for how it's 110LB..
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Your not fat at all Jenna. So stop worrying, try to have fun and enjoy life. And remember you don't have to impress anyone else if they don't like something about you than its their problem not yours

Hey hun. This is so bad for you and in more ways than the obvious. If you get less than 1000 calories per day your body will turn just about anything into fat instead of energy (including muscle). There are so many side effects that you won't even notice until it's too late and it will hurt you later on in life :( Please, PLEASE reconsider what you're doing. There are obviously a lot of people commenting on here that really care about you. Talk to them. Best wishes <3

It breaks my heart to hear that you hate what u see in the mirror - I am sending u energy and wishes that you could be a little more kinder to yourself - wishing you compassion and love!

Thank you!

Hey, you can change your body but please do it healthily, as I said, the doctors can help you and I'm sure your family and friends can help you too.

ILoveyou the way you are:)


lol what?

Don't like methewayiam!!

Well i like you got any problem with that?

No.. Just I got a problem how u like my fat body..?

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Also if you want to know whats healthy go to the doctors or search online. I'm sure you're very healthy unlike me who's went through this.

Please do this healthily. And do some research, I've done this and it is very bad for you. I wish I didn't do this. One of the worst mistakes I made in my life! You are beautiful for who you are and you don't need to try to be someone else!

I don't need to be someone I need to be me who is skinny!

Ok but do it healthily. Read this, it's very helpful: http://www.pamf.org/preteen/mybody/nutrition/why.html

Starving is much faster!

Doesn't your parents know?

My parents don't pay attention to that stuff. Like I don't eat breakfast. I have one thing lunch that can't be 150 calories and usually no dinner.. They don't notice..

Read the top answer and if you want to you can read the others: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061004152143AAOEAUI


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Oh! Jenna ....


You do realize you're not anorexic?
I'm 105lbs & I'm 17 and not even I'm underweight or anorexic.
Sweetie go get help before these thoughts develop into something more, you don't wanna be anorexic, it's hell not only for you, but for everyone around you aswel.

she wont listen....

I know I'm not anorexic...
No I'm fine... They won't know..

That's ok if it doesn't end it will make me alot prettier!! Make me love myself. I have hates my body since 2nd grade! I think it's time to do something about it!
When I get to 100 I will see..

:( ok..


But I won't start hating myself cuz I already do. And I will always hang out with my friends no matter what. They havnt stopped me from not eating and I plan to keep not eating..
I know it's a mental illness.. When I get to 100 that will be awhile..

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