My Friends Coming To Visit Me At Uni...where Can I Exercise?!!

So my friends visiting me for 3 nights at university and my room is small. I cant find any ways to exercise without her finding out. I can't exercise in the lounge/kitchen as my other flatmates are always in and out. HELP?! I can't go 3 days without exercise..
Because my friends going to be here she tends to eat a lot of junk food and buys loads for sleepovers. I have really bad cravings.. how can I stop? I dont want to be eating crap for 3 full days
ThinLife12 ThinLife12
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

maybe tell her you are on a strict diet and those foods she brings is a trigger for you ..that u cant aford to even see much less bearound... but if ur suffering from a eating disorder... u may want to think about seeing a doctor for it