Free From Anorexia!

Hello everyone,

My heart goes out to all those that suffer from Anorexia or Bulimia. I recovered from Anorexia - gosh, it has been over 25 years....I acquired Anorexia when I was in college, after my father died and I broke up with a boyfriend - it was all too much for me and I used Anorexia to cope or survive......little did I know, Anorexia was not my friend....I was miserable, lonely - (eating out with friends was a no, no) - so Anorexia chased a lot of my friends away, dating men potential faded and I was miserable.

I remember feeling - once I got the scale to read under #100 - everything would be fine - well I got there, nothing changed....I just got worse. I asked myself now what? Reaching 99 pounds didn't do anything - I was still miserable.

With several friends that encouraged me to slowly gain weight - they were there for me - I slowly got better.....I was one of the lucky ones - I never sought treatment for this - but I did get into therapy, support groups to find out why I wanted to slowly kill myself.

Now I love my life. I have an awesome husband and family; an awesome career and love what I do - making a difference for people. I am very grateful and have much gratitude for those that stood for me.
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Thank u - my wish is for everyone to win, to live their best life; to be free and enjoy the small things in life - where Anorexia does not rule one's life - as it did for me.

very happy for you,,,,you won,,,,!!