Life And It's Challenges...

if i said life was easy, of course i'd be lying. no-one has the perfect life, we have perfect moments, but no-ones life will ever be perfect. overcoming one of life's hardest challenges is one of the most toughest things i'll ever have to battle. i have an eating disorder called anorexia. i've got so much support from family, close friends, and my boyfriend. i'd be lost and suffering without them, they've helped me so much, i've been to the doctors and currently getting counselling to make myself better, not only so i'm healthy, so my family will be proud of me, and i want to be heard, i want people to know my story, because i'm not ashamed of who i am, i want people to be aware that anorexia affects so many people. you don't always realize what's caused this disorder, and it's a mental illness, but with the right care, love, support and help, we can all overcome this, to all my fellow ana's out there, you're not alone! and you never will be because we've all got something in common, we're special, we're not abnormal, weird, freaks, we're us, we've been challenged with this because we are one of the strongest humans out there, and i don't know you all, but i love and care about you all so much and believe you can get through this, never handle this alone, we can do this together, girls and boys! mwah x x x

- if you need a chat, advice or someone to speak to or need to ask me a question, my message box is always open and i will reply as often as possible and with as much help as i can x
mediakilledbeauty98 mediakilledbeauty98
Dec 15, 2012