My Ana

My ana knows no boundaries.
My ana wants me destroyed.
My ana’s death wish is my body’s death sentence.
My ana shuts me off from my friends, because I am not worthy of friends.
My ana thinks she is beautiful when emaciated.
My ana never thinks she’s beautiful because she never thinks she’s emaciated.
My ana is the dull, gray tone like hopeless rainy days.
My ana feels joy in hunger and despair in satisfaction.
My ana’s logic is twisted.
My ana behaves like a gluttonous child: never enough.
My ana is insatiable.
My ana knocks on my soul like the Grim Reaper claiming victims long overdue.
My ana is a nightmare.
My ana killed my self-acceptance.
My ana inhibits others from liking me, because she pushes contact away.
My ana is lonely.
My ana rids herself of her loneliness by latching onto unfortunate victims.
My ana chose me.
My ana wants me back even though I tried to kill her.
My ana wants me more than anybody in the wretched place.
My ana is my ana because nobody knows my pain, and my pain knows no boundaries.
My ana knows no boundaries.
Avit Avit
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

This<3 my exact feelings all day today.