Why Me?

I got called perfect, gorgeous and pretty all the time. I don't even really remember how many times but i can remember every time I've gotten called spoiled, attention ***** and a *****. I was kind of popular and i felt like that put a lot of pressure on me to look perfect at all times. Then my friends started turning on me. I had no friends at this point. I tried talking to other people but i felt like no one was listening. Im in the 8th grade now and never even look at my old friends. It hurts to see that they turned on me and put me through so much. In the 7th grade i got bullied again this time i didn't do anything to the girl i barley even talked to her i think the last time i talked to her was in the 2nd grade. I started to feel bad about the way i looked and i lost my popularity i felt like no one even knew who i was unless it was something bad at this point. This girl wouldn't leave me alone she even went on someone else's Facebook to harass me. The school found out and sent us both to the office, they wanted me to file a police report on her but i didn't get how that would solve anything. I went home that night and threw up everything i ate. i thought about how much weight i would loose doing that. I kept going but i relized that that wasn't enough. I stopped eating all together. I walked into school one day to hear a boy who i never even talked to talk about me to his friends saying i was a little ***** for going to the office and its just some dumb fight. I didn't even know him but i hated him. As soon as i got home i ran upstairs and made myself throw up again. I hated myself. I didn't want to be around anyone. I hated everyone and trusted no one.
invisiblegirl1313 invisiblegirl1313
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013