Calorie Counting

hiya im 15 years old and for about 2 years now iv been calorie counting my food intake it all started by dieting then i just couldnt stop .everyday i write down how much calories i have had at the moment i have around 400 calories a day iv started to loose my hair and varies other things . i havent really spoke to many people like me and would like to its a constant struggle to get through each day but i do it with the support of my parents.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

i know how hard it is too,i'm 14 and i'm in the situation as you are and the constant battle to try and be perfect isnt easy ! and the fact that people dont know how hard it is makes it worse .on a daily bases i hardly get through 100cals loose my hair ,cold all the time,dizzy but i dont tell anybody but i guess your lucky to have your parents support you :) i hope your okay and pull through because your strong&beautiful and know matter how you look you'll always be amazing inside+out <3 <3

thankyou it makes me feel better knowing im not the only one going through this and that there are others out there i hope you get through it and be happy because im sure you deserve it

i will do thank you :)

I know how it's. Almost struggling to live. Fighting yourself hateing yourself. Having people give you that look of disappointment when they find out you lied about what you ate. Especially coming from someone who means a lot to you. I know how it is. Hang in there beautiful <3