I'll Admit It

It all started around 8th grade when a bigger girl with the same name came to my school. It felt like a moment out of a movie, I was walking down the hall and heard 3 different groups of people talking about her. For a girl like me with very low self-confidence, this was heartbreaking. I cried in the bathroom and missed eating lunch the day. then I started to miss lunch everyday, my friends saw something was wrong and they would force me to eat an apple at lunch. Their support got me through even when I was having suicidal thoughts.

Now I am a senior in high school in a different state. Last week was finals week; I ate an apple and a few nuts all week. I didn't even realize that I was doing it until my friend saw me start to cry at school. I haven't done anything like this since 8th grade (4 years ago) I don't know whats got into me. maybe the stress of finals? I don't really need advice because I know how to eat healthy but I need the support and finally admitting to having a problem.

See I haven't told my parents or any of my new friend about this. I think it is time for me to start opening up about my past. I try so hard to just be fun but I am starting to have problems again and my friends were the ones to help me through the first time. I am just scared that I will turn into a sad story.
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Jan 21, 2013