Clara's Story

It all started about 7 months ago when my cousins came to visit. The oldest two boys would call me names and make comments about my weight. The would say " oh here comes big mama" and one time we were eating pancakes and one of them said to me " you better watch out, it's gonna go straight to your thighs". That sparked my desire to lose weight. I'm 14 years old and 5"7. Last summer ( when our cousins came) i weighed 125 pounds. I hated my body. And when school started something else happened that killed my self esteem. We were in gym class getting Heath evaluations and we had to put in our height and weight to calculate our bmi's. one boy in my class looked over my shoulder as I put my weight in, and he said to me " wow Clara, your fat". I will never forget how that made me feel. After that I became obsessed with my weightloss. I would weigh myself twice a day and stare at myself in the mirror for hours, looking for flaws. I also exercised quite a bit. The number on the scale would determine whether I would have a good day or a bad one. I also became extremely depressed. I didn't have any friends and I would sit in my room alone and cry cuz I was so hungry... But I wouldn't let myself eat because I was too fat. Sometimes I would go days eating nothing but an apple and a rice cake. It's now January and I'm not any better. I now weigh 98 pounds. I realize what I'm doing is unhealthy, my doctor is getting worried. Not only because of my weight loss, but my blood sugar level is 40 and my blood pressure is 98/60. I get dizzy a lot too. I want help but I don't wanna gain weight. I just feel so alone..
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

you are not alone. at all. we have a lot in common and know that you are not in this alone