Need A Texting Buddy!

My name's Sam, I'm 19 and I need a texting buddy, someone who can relate to what I'm going through now, I offer support too! Message me for the # :)
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Hi i am yussra i am 22 year old girl i have anorexia since i was 16 i wasn't know what was happining to me by seeing my self fat and ugly i've never attract a guy in my life all guys who were came to me are younger and still its kind of funny because i am 22 last week a tean age boy in 15 came to me and told he likes me all i want to say is i am so lonly i have boring job boring empty life the only thing that keeps me a live is my faith and my love for my family i really need friends who understand not saying to me go and eat something

Hi. I'm 19 too...and, you know, anorexic. I didn't know that there were sites like this.

Hi my name is cathrina and I am 17 I am sick of my mum allways on my back she thinks its so easy 4 me 2 eat what they eat and really want 2 talk 2 who is going trew what I am going trew . and just some tips on how 2 get trew the day

Hi cathrina i understand i am facing same thing with my family they think it does not hurt to tell someone eat and force them to do it they think its easy to be an anorexic but its not you can talk to me any time ok dear

Kik me at zoezoe26