I Want To Be Anorexic..

im 18 years old and i am over weight! see i dont mind my face and top half of my body but its my legs and belly i hate i dont even eat bad ataall and i dont sit around eeating 24-7 iv tried every diet there is and all i wanna do is become anorexic because i hate my life im sick of being scared to do things or go out or meet new people becuse of the way ilook! anyone have any tips on doing this please tell me because all i see when i look in the mirror is a monster.
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Listen, im 5'2", im 15, & i weigh 104 pounds. Ive been anorexic for a year and a half. its a trap. idk what you weigh or who you are and youre gona think this is crap and im just saying this to stop you from ruining your life. Stop caring about everyone else! Think about how this will make you feel in a few months. great. youll have lost that extra fat. you look thin and healthy. how will it affect you in a year? Youll be drained. Youll be vomitting and excercising until you pass out. and say goodbye to all your favorite foods! Ana will tell you no. no more friends either! Youll be too focused & sick or youll be in a hospital. and then your grades are gona plummit and i assume you plan on college. grades are important. How will it affect you in a couple of years? You could still be anorexic. you wouldnt be able to fit into any clothes. EVERYTHING would be way to big so get used to baggy clothing. anorexia has ruined my life. DONT LET ANOREXIA RUIN YOUR LIFE TOO.
stay strong.

Eat normal 2000 cals and exersice being pro ana is a stupid way plus lazy way u dont want be anorexic PLUs if u dont eat and ull eat normal agian ull end up were u started end of i wish thesse teens would understand this

you dont want to be anorexic ur f u cking kidding me right?

I know how you feel :(
I am anorexic right now, there are things called antacids that i eat, and they make you feel less hungry. I punish myself every time I feel hungry to step on a scale and stare at my weight and then i look in the mirror and tell myself that I don't deserve food. That I deserve the pain I feel in my stomach. I don't really want to encourage EDs, and I know I should be telling you to eat healthy and all that ****,but I know how frustrated and stressed you are because I've been there. Just beware that once you get into Ana, it's like being sucked into a black hole. Don't be bulimic, because it rots your teeth.