Hanging On By A Thread :/

I'm 21 and I have been struggling with anorexia since I was 16. I do not consider myself fat, but I am no where near the size I want to be. I feel like I'm constantly at war with my body. I'll do good for a week sometimes two, then I'll eat and because I hadn't eaten in awhile I'll overeat. It sickens me. I just want to be my ideal size. I'm looking for someone who I can talk to when I get cravings. Please send me a msg for my contact info
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You are just like me i am not that thin but i don't feel like i have to eat like normal people its ok as long as you don't let it conturol you sometime i conect my situation with depressed when i feel sad i don't eat for days but when i am happy or normal i can eat every thing .eat healthy and exersice or do an activity that you love like dancing for me i am a belly dancer i want to become a perfetional .

You sound like a cross betwen a pro ana /anorexic.Eat normally and exersice and ull be fine before it gets Worse u dont need anyone talk to when u get cravings u just need get better,u need 2000 cals a day + if u stop eating then eat lots agian ull gain twice as much back