Just Getting Started

i am 13-years-old and short and fat: 4'10" and 105lbs... i ate about 220 calories today and burned about 800 and i can't wait to continue. i will be 85lbs in 5 weeks :):) i love feeling light. anyone want to be my buddy for motivation?
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p.s ull gain it allback 2x as much once u start eating normally agian

its not worth it ur healthy weight keep that way dont trap your self its hard to get out of !!!

Im going to be blunt. its not worth it. you get super skinny but you never believe it. you are perfect! I knoe that probably means nothing noe but one day it will. The anorexia will take control of you. im a victim so i know. ive had panic attacks because of it! Idk if anyones told you but its a mental illness. a very deadly one. i dont want to irritate you or scare you but so many people suffer from anorexia. i wish someone wouldve told me this when i started. It can only hurt you. i weigh 104 pounds and im 5'2". Im 15. Its all i think about now. id hate to see you have to struggle with this horrible disease too.
Stay strong.

thank you so much. believe me, i'm a gymnast so i've had many friends in the past. i just started on saturday and i already feel shaky and tired and there is a voice inside of me telling me not to eat or mention it to anyone. i just wish i could go back now but it's too late already. do you have any suggestions?

Its never too late. thats the voice talking. You can inbox me if you rather. Try eating. dont listen to the voice because its very demanding & very powerful but i believe you can over come it. if it gets too bad see someone about it, please

I tried it,a long time ago. I did it for about two years.
I got to 94LBS whis isnt bad going for someone who is 5'7".
What did I det out of it?
I looked great to start with,
I learnt self control
I learnt what its like to feel that the whole world is plotting against to,they just want to make you FAT!!!
I got hair all over my body.
I got huge gaps in my gums where some of my teeth were because I got nasty gum disease due to my malnourishment.
Oh, yeah I lost my periods for about a year and a half too! That was a blast, especially when I was seeing the Doctor recently when I was trying to concieve and they said I had some some serious damage to my reproductive system with my Anorexia Experiment.
So my advice?? Only give it a shot if you want all of this,..